Rex Ryan: 'Would be nice' to have great quarterback

You can bet on this: There will be no hotter a topic for the Buffalo Bills this offseason than quarterback.

That held true when Rex Ryan took the podium on Wednesday at the NFL combine in Indianapolis. While there wasn't any new information, Ryan's assessment of the Bills' quarterback situation was the biggest takeaway.

"I think this league has proven that when you have a great quarterback, you almost -- it's rare that you don't go to the playoffs with a great quarterback," Ryan said. "So obviously that's a priority and not just for our team, but any team in this league. But it's a lot easier said than done.

"It would be nice to get somebody like that. I'm not saying that we have that situation right now. I'm excited about EJ Manuel, though, I'll tell you that much. He's a young man that has some potential. We'll see how that pans out."

It's not exactly a ringing endorsement of Manuel, who is one of just two quarterbacks, along with Jeff Tuel, on the Bills' roster.

The Bills brought in veteran quarterback Josh McCown for a free-agent visit Monday, a meeting that Ryan addressed on Wednesday.

"We did bring Josh in," Ryan said. "So obviously there's some interest there on our part. We wanted to bring him in, just to get to know this young man and also for him to get to know us. I'm excited about our coaching staff, and I think that's probably the best selling point that I have right now, along with the players that we have. Obviously, we got an outstanding group of players, too, that I like to show off to a lot of guys."

McCown met with the Chicago Bears on Wednesday in Indianapolis.

Once free agency opens next month, the Bills could have a shot to sign Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez, but Ryan dodged a question about his former signal-caller on Wednesday.

"All right, here we go, I’m going to bat right-handed on this one,” Ryan said, stepping away from the podium and pretending to hold a baseball bat. “I’m going to let that bad boy go, too. Nah, he’s on somebody else’s team I think."