Johnny Manziel has not responded to Browns' efforts to reach him

The Browns have tried unsuccessfully to reach Johnny Manziel. AP/Aaron Josefczyk

The Cleveland Browns have reached out to quarterback Johnny Manziel several times since last Saturday but gotten no response, owner Jimmy Haslam told the media at the Super Bowl.

Haslam spoke to a group of reporters, and among them was Tony Grossi of ESPN-Cleveland. The NFL Network played the video of Haslam.

"Johnny has not responded to us," Haslam said, "but we'll do anything we can to help him personally. And our thoughts and prayers are with Johnny and his family. We're not worried about Johnny Manziel the football player. We're worried about Johnny Manziel the person. And I think that's all we need to say on the issue."

Police were called to the apartment of Manziel's ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley early Saturday morning. There Crowley alleged that Manziel had physically assaulted her.

Manziel's father made an impassioned statement Friday morning to the Dallas Morning News that his son needs help. Paul Manziel said his son had been twice checked into rehab in the last few days, but left once and was allowed to leave another.

Haslam said the team had reached out "several times since all this came out last Saturday, just like we would any player." But Manziel did not respond.

"I think it's enough said on the issue," Haslam said. "I think it's a personal issue now. It's not a football issue."