Joe Thomas: Roger Goodell needs to be a leader, not repeat mistakes

Brady reactions pouring in

A quick look at ESPN reactions to Judge Richard M. Berman's decision to nullify Tom Brady's 4-game suspension.

It’s not at all a surprise that Browns offensive lineman Joe Thomas agreed with the decision to lift Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s four-game suspension.

Thomas had previously been very critical of commissioner Roger Goodell’s decision to suspend Brady, calling it a witch hunt with little foundation.

Judge Richard Berman vacated the suspension in U.S. District Court in a decision highly critical of Goodell and the NFL’s decision-making process.

Thomas wrote “no surprise there” about the decision in an e-mail following the Browns’ 24-0 loss to the Bears in the preseason finale.

“I think everyone is pretty clear it was a witch hunt from the start and that Goodell overstepped his bounds by disciplining Brady the way he did,” Thomas wrote. “The only question is, does Goodell now realize this or will he still be oblivious to the fact that his discipline is consistently overturned on appeal and that he may in fact have been wrong?

“The true test of a leader is making a mistake, realizing and admitting it and not making the same mistake again. Will he be more moderate in the future? Only time will tell?”