Worth wondering: Does Josh Gordon fit the Browns' new culture?

Can RG III, Gordon reunion work in Cleveland? (1:43)

Tim Hasselbeck and Ed Werder examine how former Baylor teammates Robert Griffin III and Josh Gordon can help one another. (1:43)

The Cleveland Browns officially put Josh Gordon on the 90-man roster Tuesday, and they waived defensive back A.J. Stamps to create a roster spot.

Gordon is again a Cleveland Brown.

Much has been written and said about Gordon and his return, but not every question has been answered. Here's a remaining few that will be sorted out by Gordon's actions and approach.

1) Does this guarantee Gordon is on the roster?

Not necessarily. If he's not football-ready, if he shows attitude issues, if he simply does not fit the team culture, the Browns have no obligation to keep him. Gordon has to show he deserves to be on the team, and that he's willing to be part of the team. The talent he showed in 2013 is tantalizing, but it has to appear on the field.

2) Does Gordon fit the culture the Browns are trying to build?

The Browns have been more than clear that this new regime stands for something. They dealt swiftly with Johnny Manziel. They have made strong public statements that certain behavior will not be tolerated. They drafted with a strong emphasis on character that showed in actions and not words. With Gordon, the team seems willing to extend itself. On paper, a guy with all the off-field issues Gordon had does not seem to fit the new culture the Browns are trying to build. It will be up to Gordon to fit into that culture.

3) Where does he begin camp in terms of the depth chart and reps?

Gordon could conceivably step in as a starting receiver; he was that good the last time he played a semi-full season (14 games). He also could be last on the depth chart and have to work his way up. That decision is Hue Jackson's, but it is complicated by the fact that Gordon will be suspended for the first four games of the season. The sight of Gordon taking half-hearted reps in the 2014 minicamp knowing he was going to be suspended was as awkward as can be. Jackson also has to balance giving Gordon reps when he will miss the first four games vs. giving reps to rookie receivers the team drafted.

4) Can they trust him?

Time will tell.

5) Are the Browns bringing him back to keep him, or to showcase him for a trade?

It's not realistic or fair to the Browns to think they are bringing Gordon back solely to trade him. The team has the benefit of preseason to see where Gordon is, and they are bringing him in to assess and observe and learn about him. A trade also depends on what a team offers. Would the Browns take a second-round pick in September for Gordon? Would they take a second-round pick in the first week of August? Not that a team would offer a second-round pick for a guy coming off suspension who's going to be suspended again. But that's what the team has to consider. The most-likely trade possibility would be if Gordon shows enough in preseason to make teams interested. Then it's up to the Browns.