Take your pick: Ben vs. Carson

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

In this week's version of "Take your pick" in the AFC North, we have a statistical comparison.

Who will have the better year throwing the football in 2009: Carson Palmer or Ben Roethlisberger?

Remember this isn't about who you feel is the better quarterback. We've settled that debate the best way possible, through our 2009 AFC North player survey.

This is all about numbers -- more yards, higher completion percentage, more touchdowns and fewer interceptions and a better passer rating. Will Palmer own Roethlisberger in most of those categories, or is "Big Ben" due for the better statistical season?

What about health concerns?

Both quarterbacks have taken a beating lately. Will that derail either quarterback this season, especially playing behind a pair of suspect offensive lines?

It's a great time to present this question with fantasy drafts currently taking place around the country. So send your thoughts on who will have the better statistical season between Palmer and Roethlisberger below or in our AFC North inbox.