Podcasts: Looking back on Sunday's games

ESPN Radio's Mike & Mike take a look back on Sunday's conference championship games.

  • Mike Ditka tells us why he thinks Kurt Warner is a Hall of Famer and how Arizona toppled Philadelphia. He also gives us an early look at the Super Bowl.

  • Former Ravens coach Brian Billick recaps both games, including the adjustments the Eagles made in the second half to slow Arizona. Brian also tells us what to expect from Rex Ryan with the Jets.

  • Ron Jaworski tells us how Todd Haley was psychic during the game and wonders why the Eagles always lose big games. Jaws says the Ravens just couldn't make a play when they needed one.

  • Dennis Green tells us what he didn't like about the Ravens' game plan, why Big Ben is so effective and what he thinks of his former team going to the Super Bowl.

  • Cris Carter tells us what separates Larry Fitzgerald from other wide receivers, why Donovan McNabb seems "off" during the games and how players feel pressure in clutch situations.

  • Jamal Anderson tells us why he knew Arizona was going to win after the first drive, how the Cardinals' backs will have to pick up the blitz against the Steelers and why Big Ben is so good.

Also from ESPN Radio, John Clayton recaps the AFC and NFC title games and looks ahead to the Super Bowl.