Voice of the People: Super Bowl edition

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

TAMPA, Fla. -- We're going to dedicate this latest "Voice of the People" this week to Steeler Nation. Based on the recent responses, they are extremely excited for Sunday's Super Bowl XLIII against the Arizona Cardinals.

Here is a healthy sample:

On the Pittsburgh Steelers ...

Melanie F from Hermosa Beach writes: Hey James, love the blog! As a long-distance Steeler fan, it's a great way to be with "my people" on a daily basis. Why don't they call this Superbowl run "Pick Six"? The defense has been phenomenal, and they've had a few interception returns that were game-changing plays. "One for the other thumb" is cute but it's not that original.

Mike Foster writes: Why are people ignorant of the fact that the Steelers play a version of the cover 2 out of their 3-4 front quite often? Also, Tony Dungy himself credits Chick Noll and Bud Carson for teaching him the cover 2 so can we stop calling it the tampa 2? The Steel Curtain won 4 rings, not one! Here comes ring number 6! PS. Troy is better!

Raf from Alexandria, VA writes: A message for Pat from Pittsburgh. Dallas had three consecutive head coaches with a Super Bowl win: Tom Landry- Jimmy Johnson- Barry Switzer.

Matt from Erie, Pa writes: Defense wins Championships PERIOD!! GO STEELERS

On Mike Tomlin vs. Ken Whisenhunt ...

Tim from Philadelphia writes: I realize the whole "Whisenhunt/Tomlin: Did the Steelers choose right?" topic is a good story line. But most people forget that Whisenhunt actually took the job in Arizona BEFORE Tomlin was hired. (Granted, I don't know if he got turned-off by Pittsburgh seriously considering Tomlin or the impression from stuff behind the scenes that he wasn't going to get the Pittsburgh job, thus going to the Cards). So, shouldn't the Steelers be the ones who want to make a statement instead of Coach Wiz?

Reader from Tempe writes: I'm really tired of everyone at ESPN hyping up Whisenhunt's revenge for getting passed over in Pittsburgh. Go back and look. He took the Cardinal's job a full week before Tomlin was named head coach. He took the job before Tomlin even had a second interview. I'm tired of revisionist history to construct an artificial story. I want to write to Sunday Countdown but can't figure out how to contact them.

On Tomlin vs. Bill Cowher ...

Eric from Charlotte, NC writes: Do you think it will be noted that Tomlin is winning with a team largely built by Cowher? Seems that Cowher should get some of the credit going Tomlin's way. People do seem to note this frequently when discussing Gruden's success with Tampa - a team that was built by Dungy.

Larry from Baltimore writes: James, I understand there being all of this hoopla about Mike Tomlin, as he is coaching in the Super Bowl. However, have people forgotten he inherited a team that had just won a Super Bowl?? Yea he has been an alright coach, but everyone makes him out to be the next Vince Lombardi or the next Tom Landry...and after two years of coaching a Super Bowl calibur team that, for the most part, HE DIDN'T PUT TOGETHER I think that is a little premature. Tomlin is a decent coach, at best, right now. Your thoughts...?

On the Steelers and Tennessee Titans ...

James from Seaboard, NC writes: hello james from another james thanks for your blogs and coverage of the steelers and thanks to the titans for stepping on the towels. respect the game of football maybe you will get to the big dance.

On the Steelers and Cleveland Browns ...

Steve from NJ writes: In response to Matt about the Browns: James, Matt points out that the Browns had the toughest schedule this year, and combined with key injuries, that was responsible for their horrible record. I would like to point out that the Steelers had the toughest schedule, and a lot of injuries (though no key ones), and still went 12-4 and are in the SB. THAT to me, is the difference between a well run franchise and a poorly run franchise.