Browns' draft picks

The AFC North blog received several inquires from Cleveland Browns fans asking for the order of draft picks following a series of recent trades. We decided to wait until the compensatory picks were awarded this week to get the definitive order.

With everything now in place, here are the Browns' 12 current draft picks:

Round 1: No. 7 overall

Round 2: No. 38 overall

Round 3: No. 71 overall

Round 3: No. 85 overall

Round 3: No. 92 overall

Round 4: No. 105 overall

Round 5: No. 134 overall

Round 5: No. 137 overall

Round 5: No. 146 overall

Round 5: No. 160 overall

Round 6: No. 177 overall

Round 6: No. 186 overall

The Browns have tremendous flexibility, particularly with five picks in the first three rounds. They may not be done trading or going after restricted free agents, which would alter this tally.

But April's NFL draft will be huge for Cleveland to try to make up ground and get out of the cellar of the AFC North.