Take your pick recap

This week the AFC North blog compared two former Cleveland Browns quarterbacks in our latest version of "Take your pick." Our question was who will go on to have the better career: Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson?

Both quarterbacks are young, and both struggled during their tenure in Cleveland. The Browns traded Quinn to the Denver Broncos, and Anderson landed with the Arizona Cardinals after recently being released.

Here are responses from our community along with a final say on the matter:

Dave Andrews from Rockingham, NC, writes: Derek Anderson will have a more successful career than Brady Quinn. Anderson already has a Pro Bowl, can throw a decent deep ball, and I think has the better chance of starting this year. Neither will be great, but Anderson will be better.

Matt Winslow from Mendocino, CA, writes: I can see Brady Quinn suddenly remembering how to play football again in Denver, and five years from now the Browns finally being good, making the playoffs, and suddenly the Broncos will be beating us in the conference championship with Brady leading them.

Tony C from Columbia, MD, writes: Anderson will have a better career by far! I think he is a quality quarterback with a better organization and great weapons. You will see an upper-echelon quarterback in 2010. On the other hand, I think of Brady Quinn the same as you think of Tim Tebow, James.

Mike Columbus, Ohio, writes: I think Brady Quinn will end up with the better career. because he is finally in the offense he is comfortable with and has a young coach he can relate to. While Anderson may have more weapons, he has done nothing to show that 2007 was not a fluke and is nothing more than a career backup capable of two or three good games in a season.

Paden Owens from Manhattan, KS, writes: I think Derek Anderson will have a more successful career than Brady Quinn. But by successful I mean he will win more games but neither one will ever go deep into the playoffs.

Matt Miller from Thompson Station, TN, writes: If I was forced to pick between Quinn and Anderson, I'd go with Quinn. While Anderson has done slightly more than Quinn and has a Pro Bowl, I really think Quinn has much more upside and really just needs to be coached. Quinn was never really given a fair shot in the NFL nor was he coached very well.

Cameron from Washington, PA, writes: I believe that if Quinn and Anderson play anything like they did in Cleveland, it will be very difficult to separate one career from another.

Chuck Foss from Maple Heights, Ohio, writes: Derek Anderson if they can protect him. That offense fits what he does best: throw the long ball. Granted Kurt Warner reading a defense is totally different than Derek Anderson.

Unnamed reader writes: The 2011 Super Bowl will be Denver vs. Arizona. Mark my words. It's just what happens to Cleveland fans. You all saw C.C. Sabathia vs. Cliff Lee, right?

AFC North final say

James Walker: This is a close one, because neither player could separate themselves in Cleveland, and I like the fit for each quarterback with their new teams. But I'm going to go out on a limb and say Quinn has a better chance for future success. As a former first-round pick, he will get an opportunity to play at some point. Anderson doesn't have the same pedigree and is backing up a former first-rounder. So there is less pressure and less politics to start the backup. Plus, I feel I know what Anderson can do at this point. Quinn hasn't started many games and still has the room to grow and get better. But this choice is basically a toss-up.