Super Bowl questions with ... Aaron Smith

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker
TAMPA, Fla. -- Media day is a crazy time in the NFL. But Pittsburgh Steelers starting defensive end Aaron Smith took time out to answer questions from the AFC North blog.

Here is what he had to say:

Aaron, this is nothing like Pittsburgh. How do you handle all the hustle and bustle of Super Bowl week?

Aaron Smith: I think you just try to keep a perspective and when you get a chance, get away from it all. It can be overwhelming. The first Super Bowl in Detroit, I was a little shell-shocked, especially like today when you have all the media. A lot of times during the work week you just focus on football and that's it. Here you have so many other things.

You're a big mixed martial arts fan. Who do you have this week with the big fight between Georges St. Pierre and B.J. Penn?

AS: Oh, Penn for sure. Penn is a much better fighter. It just depends on if he shows up in shape. GSP outscored him during the first fight. I think Penn overall won the fight, but GSP won by [points]. But Penn is a more talented fighter.

Will having five championships already with this franchise add any extra pressure to win the big game Sunday?

AS: I think it's a good pressure. I think it does put a little bit of pressure, but it's a good pressure to motivate you and drive you to do the best you can possibly do.

Are you aware the Steelers are undefeated, 2-0, in white jerseys?

AS: Yeah, I heard that. I was a little disappointed because they don't hide the curves as well [laughs]. But I know we are 2-0 in white jerseys. I like the omen and I've had good success in this stadium. I like the feeling.