Scouts Inc. on ... Steelers' O-line

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

In this week's visit to the film room, we check in with Scouts Inc. to get their perspective on the much-maligned offensive line of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The unit is playing better in the playoffs and one of the reasons the Steelers will face the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII.

Here is comprehensive film analysis from Scouts Inc.'s Keith Kidd:

I think the Steelers and their offensive line are a little bit more balanced. Even though they weren't as effective running the ball against Baltimore, they were effective running the ball against San Diego. But against the Ravens they still tried to do it. They stayed committed to it, which forced the defense to at least defend the run. When you do that it takes a lot of pressure off the offensive line [to pass protect]. Is it a great offensive line? No, it's not. If there was an area I would say needs to be addressed in the offseason, I would say it's Pittsburgh's offensive line. But there is some continuity.