Walker's weekend mailbag

Lots of questions this week. So let's begin.

Josh from Springfield, OH, writes: With Donovan McNabb in Washington, what are the chances Sam Bradford falls to the Cleveland Browns at No. 7?

James Walker: Not likely, Josh. The St. Louis Rams are the favorites to take Bradford with the top pick. I'm hearing some rumblings they may be open to making a deal, but it would take selling the entire farm for Cleveland to pull it off. So it's not happening.

Jordan from Cleveland writes: I was wondering if there is even a chance that Seneca Wallace will start for the Browns this year.

Walker: Jordan, if Jake Delhomme has one of his six-interception meltdown games, it's possible. But the Browns are not going into the season with the plan of Wallace getting much playing time. He’s the middle guy with some experience between Delhomme and Cleveland's drafted quarterback of the future.

Justin from Cleveland writes: Do you think the Browns would be smart to go after safety Ken Hamlin?

Walker: Not likely, Justin. The Browns are in a good spot to draft a long-term solution at safety next week in Eric Berry or Earl Thomas.

Bryan from Marietta, PA, writes: Two names I consistently hear when talking about the Cincinnati Bengals' draft are Jermaine Gresham and Taylor Mays. If both players are still on the board at 21, which they may very well be, which does Cincinnati take?

Walker: Both are legit targets, Bryan. Contrary to what many believe, the Bengals are very interested in tight ends. I was told that several times as far back as the NFL combine. I think Gresham would be the only tight end they'd consider in the first round, and in this scenario he probably would get the slight edge. Adding a veteran before the draft is another option.

Cory from Cincinnati wants to know how risky it is to draft Gresham, who has an injury history.

Walker: Cory, that's the biggest and, in my opinion, the only risk. Gresham is a first-round talent, but he missed the entire 2009 season with a knee injury. That's up to the Bengals to look into Gresham’s medical history and determine if he’s worth it. It seems nearly every top tight end in this draft has some injury concerns.

Dakota from Midland, NC, writes: What do you think the odds are of the Pittsburgh Steelers picking up Jordan Shipley in the 3rd round?

Walker: Dakota, the Steelers will be looking for a receiver around that second or third round, but it won't be Shipley. Pittsburgh has enough smallish receivers. The team will look to add another bigger target, which is what the Steelers tried to get two years ago with Limas Sweed.

Darryl from Oakland, CA, writes: What is going on with Dennis Dixon? Do the Steelers not want him?

Walker: Absolutely they do, Darryl. There's a solid chance Dixon will be Pittsburgh's starter in Week 1.

Clifford from Baltimore wants to know when former Steelers center Dermotti Dawson will get into the Hall of Fame.

Walker: I wouldn't say it's a slam dunk, Clifford. This is an odd time where there's an impressive backlog of potential Hall of Famers waiting their turn, in addition to very strong candidates coming down the pike. Dawson and other greats like Cris Carter, Richard Dent, Andre Reed and Cortez Kennedy were turned down last year alone. And coming up soon on eligibility will be players like Marshall Faulk, Deion Sanders, Jonathan Ogden and Jerome Bettis. Dawson could continue to get lost in that impressive shuffle.

Patrick Ryan from San Antonio wants to know if the Baltimore Ravens could draft Terrence Cody

Walker: Patrick, there are a lot of monsters (I say that as a compliment) in this year's draft, and the Ravens are interested in adding one to the defensive line. Cody would fit at the right price, but I'm not sure that's at No. 25 overall. A defensive lineman like Jared Odrick would be safer for Baltimore here. Cody has first-round talent but has weight issues, and that's something to be leery of high in the draft. But if for some reason Cody is there for the taking in the second round, he would be a great value/risk there.

Jake A. from Baltimore wants to know if the Ravens have a chance at drafting receiver Dez Bryant.

Walker: This would be pretty unlikely where Baltimore is, Jake. On his worst day, Bryant wouldn't fall to No. 25. I doubt the Bengals would pass him up if he’s there at No. 21. But the Denver Broncos are now a strong possibility for Bryant at No. 11 following the Brandon Marshall trade.