Morning take: 'Pacman' talks Bengals

Here are the most interesting stories Saturday in the AFC North:

Morning take: Jones mentioned the Bengals were among the four teams he is still talking to, along with the Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions and Jacksonville Jaguars. I thought this story went away weeks ago for Cincinnati, but apparently not.

Morning take: McCoy won't see the field this year if the Browns can help it. So preparing himself for the NFL game from the sidelines is the best he can do right now.

Morning take: Getting to the quarterback is always a key component, and Baltimore was surprisingly average at that last season. The addition of rookie outside linebacker Sergio Kindle should help.

Morning take: We mentioned the change to No. 80 earlier this week. Sweed has shown the ability to get open and could help Pittsburgh if he finds a way to put it all together.