Bengals fans respond to 'Pacman' Jones

According to various reports, the Cincinnati Bengals are in heavy discussions to land controversial free-agent cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones. It's a move that could happen in the next few days.

So the AFC North blog used our rapidly growing and always fun Twitter account to check the pulse of "Bengalsdom" about this potential signing. Here was the mixed response:

Rod_Nunez via Twitter writes: I don't like it. I feel he'd just be a distraction to be honest. I don't think we need a return man that bad.

Coachbeck writes: I am cool with Pacman. Just adds another CB to a top-four defense. Going to need Corners to beat Indy in the playoffs.

AZSportsHUB writes: Bengals picking up the Pacman is a bad idea. He better get six punt returns for touchdowns. Bengals don’t need another CB.

Jshively writes: Good depth on the cheap! I like it. We nearly have all the first-round picks from 2005 now.

TheLoganator91 writes: I have no clue why we added him. We have four corners who are all capable players, and two great ones in Johnathan Joseph and Leon Hall.

Palma4 writes: If he makes the final roster, then he's won a job and is better than what we had. If he don’t, then we don’t lose anything. Win-win.

Pschombu writes: BAD. Why does Mike Brown continually give the media ammunition to throw at the Bengals?

Ssharp09 writes: I feel like Marvin Lewis and Mike Zimmer know what they're doing. Zim has a hold on that D and won't let anyone disrupt the chemistry.

DrewDimaggio writes: I'm surprised Bengals are even thinking about bringing in Pacman. I guess some teams never learn their lesson.

MPADKINS writes: Great signing. Competition brings out the best. J.Jo's contract up next year. Zimmer will coach him up.

Belauka24 writes: I really hope the Bengals don't add Pacman. He wouldn't add enough to the team to be worth the trouble that he will bring.

IN85iTrust writes: They better sign him! He is a high reward no risk. If he does one dumb thing he is gone, and he knows it. He may be able to play.

What's your take?