Thought of the Day: Jared Gaither

Based on last weekend's events, there is something going on between the Baltimore Ravens and starting offensive tackle Jared Gaither.



Either Gaither has a legitimate foot injury that kept him out of mandatory minicamp, or he's covertly protesting for a new contract. Perhaps it's a combination of the two, but neither scenario is good for the Ravens.

So in our latest version of "Thought of the Day," we ask our astute AFC North community what the Ravens should do next with Gaither?

Should Baltimore give Gaither, 24, a large contract extension to keep him happy? Or should the Ravens trade Gaither to another team (Buffalo Bills?) and move on with second-year standout Michael Oher at left tackle and backup Oniel Cousins at right tackle?

The third option is to let Gaither play out the final year of his contract, whether he's happy or not. That may cause friction. Plus, the Ravens could lose Gaither to free agency next year without compensation.

It's a murky situation with a lot of different options. So provide your best scenario of how Baltimore should handle the Gaither issue below or to our AFC inbox and Twitter account. We will run the best responses throughout the week.