Thought of the Day finale

We had a very interesting "Thought of the Day" topic this week in the AFC North blog. It asked which team do you feel I'm homer for and why?

There seems to be conversations about this all the time on the blog. So I thought now would be a good time to have a little fun with it and open the floor.

Here are responses from our AFC North community along with a final say on the matter:

Josiah from Baltimore writes: We all know you love the Ravens. You grew up in Hyattsville, and you make it quite clear who you like the most. I would have to say that almost 90% of the blog entries you write about the Ravens have a positive connotation. You pick the Ravens even when every other analyst would say they will get blown out. There is an apparent sense of inner hopes that the Ravens will take it all. No one cares if you currently reside in Cleveland.

Jay writes: You're definitely a Ravens homer. You seem to be very high on them like everyone else is while you are shoving the Bengals to the dirt when the Bengals beat them twice last year. Everyone including you praised the Ravens for their offseason moves when the Bengals have done just as well, if not better. You and everyone else praised the Ravens for drafting an overweight NT in Terrence Cody and a LB with "injury concerns" [Sergio Kindle]. I guarantee you if the Bengals had done that they would have been ripped for it.

AJ from Baltimore writes: James Walker is a Baltimore homer since he grew up in Maryland and the majority of his stories (not including evening links) are Ravens. Plus he has to go-get'm Baltimore Attitude.

Zach from Washington D.C. writes: You are definitely a homer for the Steelers. I don't know if it's me, but there seems to be more Steeler posts than any other team. I get sick hearing about the Steelers over and over again.

Matt Miselis via Twitter writes: In all seriousness, you seem to be a Steelers homer, as you have been on their bandwagon or quite a while.

Nick from Cincinnati writes: You're a homer for the Steelers. I know they have a fabulous organization and all, but really are they that differently run than the Bengals? On the one hand you caution that Andre Smith really needs to step up or risk being a bust. While on the other you make grand pronouncements that Maurkice Pouncey will be a Pro Bowler for the Steelers before he's even played a preseason game. All the while reminding us of Troy Polamalu's rookie year. Seems like you're giving the Steelers more than a slight benefit of the doubt.

(Editor's note: The Pouncey blog was written by Scouts Inc. See for yourself.)

Bob M from Dallas writes: I don't think you are in the tank for any one team in the AFC North, but it is obvious that you hate the Steelers. You have delighted in the disappointing results from last year and the controversy in the off season, while minimizing any positive aspect of the team or the organization as a whole. You don't need to fawn over the Steelers, or any team for that matter, but a little respect for the top franchise in football for the last 40 years would be nice.

Joel from Hagerstown, M.d., writes: You definitely favor the Browns in your discussions because you talk about them the most (Steelers are a close second). I've always assumed it was out of sympathy. But I've always been ok with that. Cleveland needs at least one fan.

Dusty from Dublin, Ohio, writes: You are definitely a Browns fan. I can tell by your, though mostly subtle, pessimism concerning the team's chances. While fans of other teams mock the Cleveland Browns, true Browns fans retain their hopes while outwardly preparing themselves for the worst. I see a hint of this in your writing, which makes me conclude that you spend most of your Sunday evenings during the fall shaking your head in disbelief along with the entire Browns fan community.

Tina from Baltimore writes: I can hear the sympathy and silent rooting for Cleveland in your blog.

AFC North Final Say

James Walker: The fact that people feel I'm a homer for various teams means I'm not being a homer for anyone. I've always said that this is a "zero homerism blog." Things constantly evolve in the NFL, but I will call it how I see it at the present time. When a team does well, I point that out. When a team does poorly, I point that out, too.

Go Temple Owls!