Take your pick: Chad or T.J.?

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

There are always interesting debates to be had in the AFC North version of "Take Your Pick," and I have another one for you this week.

Who will have the bigger season in 2009: Chad Ocho Cinco or T.J. Houshmandzadeh?

This is the first time the two receivers have been separated at the pro level. They also spent time together in college at Oregon State, before both being selected by the Bengals in 2001. With Houshmandzadeh signing a lucrative $48-million contract with the Seattle Seahawks, they are most likely split for the remainder of their careers.

Despite the fact Houshmandzadeh has outshined Ocho Cinco the past two seasons, there is a train of thought that he wouldn't be nearly as good without Ocho Cinco. Now we finally get to see if that theory becomes a reality. Also, will Ocho Cinco be as good without Houshmandzadeh?

Therefore, which of these two will put up better numbers for their respective teams next season?

Take your pick.