Jordan Shipley on Colt McCoy

McCoyMcCoyShipleyShipleyCINCINNATI -- Few people know new Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Colt McCoy better than his former No. 1 receiver at the University of Texas: Jordan Shipley.

So the AFC North blog briefly caught up with the Cincinnati Bengals rookie during Wednesday's minicamp to get his thoughts on his former teammate and Cleveland's projected future quarterback.

On McCoy's chances in the NFL

Shipley: I think he'll do great. Colt's a guy that's just a competitor, and he's going to do well wherever he is. So I'm sure he'll go in and have a lot of success. He's definitely a great leader. He includes everybody, especially with off-the-field stuff. He does a lot to keep everybody together, so he's a great leader.

On potentially playing against McCoy twice a year

Shipley: It's going to be fun, you know. It's exciting to get to compete against him. We do that all the time anyway in whatever we do.