Thought of the Day

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

As we mentioned last week, we get a lot of comments, jokes and opinions in our AFC North inbox that do not see the light of day.

So in an effort to get more views from our community to print, we came up with the "Thought of the Day" to take a look at hot topics in our division.

In our latest version, we look into the Baltimore Ravens reportedly sending a request to the league not to play the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field next year in prime time. This is essentially asking out of a potential blockbuster matchup between the Steelers and Ravens in Week 1 to open the 2009 season.

TOMMY from LADY LAKE, FL writes: James, luv ya partner but a bit disturbed to find out games can be influenced, like you wrote about baltimore not wanting to play Pittsburgh at home for the nfl opener. I wrote to the sissy ravens organization and their fans: that has got to be the biggest joke i have ever read!! "Tuff shins" baltimore. If you want to be the next big thing out of the afc north then you got to beat the champs on their turf... trying to weasel out of the game and not start the season off with us is disturbing at least... you can't write letters to manipulate an afc ring, you have to do it on the field. why not have your mommys write notes so you can be late for practice or skip gym-class cause your tummys ache...show some respect & stop playing "media games" and/or administration style football.

Is Tommy's view correct?

The Ravens have played in Pittsburgh in nationally televised games two years in a row and three of the past four seasons. Is Baltimore simply asking for balance or dodging the defending champs on their terms?

The Ravens will have to travel to Heinz Field at some point in 2009. Does the time really matter?

The NFL will consider all of these questions at the owners' meetings this week. But for now, let's discuss.