Take your pick: Bengals' biggest rival?

As always, we have another interesting "Take your pick" in the AFC North.

This week's question is for Cincinnati Bengals fans: Who is your team's biggest rival?

Is it the Cleveland Browns, whose in-state battles have gone on for 40 years? There is also the strong connection to Hall of Famer Paul Brown, who has a lot of history with both teams.

What about the Pittsburgh Steelers? Both teams don't like each other and recently have played some heated games, most notably the 2005 playoff battle in Cincinnati.

Is it the Baltimore Ravens? Trash talk is always prevalent in this series, and lately the Bengals have had Baltimore's number. That certainly doesn't sit well with Ray Lewis and Co.

So there you have it, Bengals fans. Let us know which team is currently Cincinnati's biggest rival. You can share your thoughts below or send them to our division inbox and AFC North Twitter page. We will run the best responses throughout the week.