AFC North mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

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Mike from Wichita writes: JW does it look like veteran wide receivers Marvin Harrison or Torry Holt are gonna set up a visit with any AFCN teams? Great work on the blog, thanks.

James Walker: Mike, Holt has drawn some interest in Baltimore but that is as far as it goes between these two veterans and the AFC North. The Ravens might eventually come into play for Holt if it's at the right price. But Baltimore for the most part has been really conscious this offseason to not overpay for veteran free agents.

Luke from Ohio writes: Bengals want a tackle in the draft. Do you feel that Andre Smith is a bust? Should we take Oher?

James Walker: Luke, it's hard to say any player is a bust before he takes his first NFL snap. So give it a year or two or three. But Smith has shown some early red flags and that make him a risk for any team in the top 10. Michael Oher from Mississippi could be a reach at No. 6, but every team's draft board is different. Because of need, Oher might be in Cincinnati's top six, and therefore wouldn't be considered a reach to the Bengals.

Joseph from Columbus writes: I've seen a few mock drafts with the Browns taking Malcolm Jenkins, but most say he's not good enough to warrant a top 5 pick. I'm not sold on either Orakpo or Raji either. Any chance the Browns trade down and what would they get if they did?

James Walker: There is a good chance the Browns are looking to trade down, Joseph. But moving out of the No. 5 pick is extremely difficult, because teams often shy away from spending that type of guaranteed money for unproven players. My guess is Cleveland keeps the pick and takes the best available player.

Jose Ramirez from Los Angeles writes: In every website i got to, everyone have the steelers getting a cornerback in the first round, would you choose a cornerback in the first, and will they trade down to get someone else?

James Walker: Cornerback makes sense, Jose. It's the only starting position out of 22 where Pittsburgh lost a starter (Bryant McFadden) this offseason. But the Steelers tend to take the best players and draft a year or two ahead fairly often, which is why I think an offensive lineman also is a strong possibility.

Reader from Harrisburg, Pa., writes: What's good James?! Obviously not the Browns receiving corps right now. With Edwards on the trade rumor mill and possible jail-time for Stallworth, any chance the Browns select a receiver with any of their upcoming draft choices?

James Walker: Absolutely. I expect the Browns to take a receiver with one of their two second-round picks, because it is a deep class and a dire need right now. Some feel Michael Crabtree of Texas Tech also is a possibility with the No. 5 overall pick, but I'm not convinced Cleveland would take a receiver that high.