Take your pick recap

We had another hotly-debated "Take your pick" this week in the AFC North blog. The question is who will have a better season: Baltimore Ravens receiver Anquan Boldin or Cincinnati Bengals counterpart Chad Ochocinco?

Here are some responses along with an AFC North final say:

It's Ocho!

Salil Garg from Boston writes: Ochocinco will have the better season no question. He got 1,000 yards with no help from a legit No. 2 receiver. Let's see how Boldin does without Larry Fitzgerald there commanding double and triple teams.

Rob Ferrous from Dallas writes: I'll pick Ochocinco without hesitation. He has had years to develop within the Bengals' offense and to build a relationship with Carson Palmer. Not only is Boldin in an unfamiliar system with an unfamiliar quarterback, but he is also without the passing machine that is Kurt Warner.

Mpadkins via Twitter writes: R u kidding? Considering Ocho will play in 16 games and you can count on Boldin for maybe 12. I'll take Ocho. Kiss Da Baby!

RyEntertainment via Twitter writes: Chad is a better baller and route runner! Boldin has the bigger heart going across that middle! I say Chad, from a Browns fan.

Kovacs from Santa Monica writes: Gimme Ocho. The Ravens have a lot of mouths to feed on offense, which I think will automatically limit Boldin's opportunities. I'm also not sold on Boldin being the guy. Things are a lot easier when you have Kurt Warner throwing you the ball and Larry Fitz allowing you to get single coverage. Flacco isn't Warner's caliber (yet) and defenses will focus on Boldin more than they did in Arizona.

It's Boldin!

KP from Baltimore writes: I gotta go with Anquan over Ochocinco, not just because I'm a Ravens fans. Anquan's younger than Ocho and he’s not that far behind in stats. There's enough reason to believe that as a Raven he'll surpass Ocho's stats. Plus, at Arizona Larry Fitzgerald emerged as the No. 1 receiver there and Anquan still had 1,000-yard seasons as the No. 2. At Cincy, Ocho's always been the No. 1 and preferred target of Carson Palmer.

Tynan Patrick from Tulsa, OK, writes: Give me Boldin any day of the week. When healthy I would take him over almost any receiver not named Andre Johnson. The guy's toughness opens up the passing game and helps the whole field, and YAC is much better for Boldin. He should see more receptions and TDs this year than he has the past couple years. The only knock on him is the injury bug. Chad’s a great player, but Boldin is a beast.

KappaitalOne4 via Twitter writes: I think it will be close but I like Boldin to have the better season, because of his ability to catch passes over the middle.

RavenManiac via Twitter writes: Boldin will take Ochocinco's lunch money and cell phone. Then make Chad tweet about how bad he got outplayed this year.

Trindog from Baltimore writes: I am a admitted ravens fan and I think Boldin will have the better year. Boldin has a better supporting cast to work with that won't allow teams to double him. And add the fact that Boldin is out to prove that he made life easier for Larry Fitzgerald and that he is every bit the receiver that Fitz is.

AFC North final say

We brought in our resident scout -- Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. -- to provide his analysis.

Williamson: Wow, that's a tough one. That's a real tough one. They're both going to be run-first teams to some degree. I think they're going to throw more in Cincinnati than they did last year, but not by a ton. Baltimore will probably put more on Flacco's plate, but not by a ton. I think Cam Cameron still wants to run first. But I will take Ochocinco, because he’s a little bit more firm. I know how he’s going to fit in the system. He knows the quarterback and there's no changing. Sometimes receivers have to adjust changing teams in their first year. But they're total opposites. No. 85 doesn't give you anything after the catch, while Boldin is breaking tackles left and right. Ochocinco's game is deep balls and big plays, so that’s a little harder to bank on. But I don't think Boldin can get deep consistently, so that's a very tough call. It's a coin flip to me. But I would go with Chad Ochocinco -- barely.

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