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Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

Since we started our "Thought of the Day" blogs last month, we have received many interesting and insightful topics to present to our AFC North community.

Tomlin Cowher
This week we have a letter from a Pittsburgh Steelers fan which is sure to spark thought and debate.

  • John from Johnstown, PA writes: Hey James, as an avid reader, I wanted to share with you my feelings on the state of the Steelers. I am more excited for this season for the Steelers than I was for the '06 campaign. Mike Tomlin is a better coach than Bill Cowher. I could tell this early on in year one. He will keep the team together much better after a title than Cowher could. Cowher phoned in the '06 season looking for a big contract. Tomlin will continue his singular focus of winning football games. If the Steelers do not win it all again this year, it will not be Tomlin's fault. It will only be because they were not good enough. The only place where Cowher may be better than Tomlin, and this is only because we cannot say after two years how skilled Tomlin is in these regards, is player development. That was probably one of Cowher's great strengths, along with motivation. Tomlin far surpasses Cowher as a game coach. We know he is just as good a motivator as Cowher already.


John brings up some intriguing points, but is he correct? Has Tomlin already surpassed Cowher, a future Hall of Famer, in the eyes of Steeler Nation?

Granted Tomlin won his ring in just his second season, but Cowher has longevity in his favor. So which coach would you prefer?

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