Five questions with Johnathan Joseph

GEORGETOWN, KY. -- The Cincinnati Bengals have one of the top cornerback duos in the NFL, and it's a major reason they finished No. 4 in total defense last season.

During training camp the AFC North blog caught up with one half of that tandem -- cornerback Johnathan Joseph -- to get his thoughts on the Bengals and the 2010 season.

JosephJosephWhat's it like for you and Leon Hall to practice everyday against receivers Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens?

Johnathan Joseph: It's going to help all of us out. Chad is more of the quick, elusive kind of receiver, and T.O. is big, powerful, strong and fast. So it's good to have both types in practice. Because when you're going to play in a game, you're going to face a lot of different receivers.

Any initial impressions of Owens now that he's joined the team?

JJ: He's all about his business. He comes in, he works hard in practice, and I think it's a great pickup for this team. I think it will pay off big for us.

Is this the most talented Bengals team you've been on?

JJ: By far. It's every position... we're even having a long-snapper battle (laughs). It's also right down to the kickers. Every spot is up for grabs right now. So we got guys out here working hard everyday and competing.

What's the difference coming in this year with high expectations and defending a division title?

JJ: We've been down that path before (in 2006). I can't really say that it's easy, but now we know what it takes to get it done. We know that it's not easy. We know that we have the guys here to get it done, but we have to put the work in week in and week out.

The Bengals swept the AFC North in 2009. How tough is this division this year?

JJ: It's definitely turned up a notch. The Ravens added guys, Pittsburgh is healthy, and the Browns added guys and had a good draft. So I think it amps the division up a little bit more. It's going to put even more pressure on us. But I think we did things to keep up with everybody else, as well.