QB Dennis Dixon is the right choice

Finally, something in the Pittsburgh Steelers' wild and unpredictable quarterback derby makes sense.

Despite some late momentum that Charlie Batch was gaining on the starting job, the Steelers made the right choice to play Dennis Dixon Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons. With Ben Roethlisberger suspended and Byron Leftwich (knee) injured, Dixon is the only quarterback left who shared playing time with the first team.

Batch was Pittsburgh's fourth-string quarterback during minicamp, training camp and the preseason. He was never in the picture until suddenly last week when Leftwich went down. But starting Batch Sunday with zero work to date with the starters would've been dicey.

Dixon has his own issues, mainly due to inexperience. But he also brings mobility, which could help with Pittsburgh's shaky offensive line. Not turning over the football will be key for Dixon, or it could be a long season debut for the Steelers.

Now that it's official Dixon has the job in Pittsburgh, he has to prove he can keep it until Roethlisberger returns.