AFC North No. 4 in power rankings

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

During last week's debut of ESPN.com's 2009 NFL power rankings, we forgot to mention the AFC North placed fourth in terms of overall strength of divisions. Here is the chart by NFC West blogger Mike Sando to take a closer look.

The AFC North has two teams -- the Baltimore Ravens (No. 6) and Pittsburgh Steelers (No. 1) -- ranked in the top six. The NFC East was the only other division to boast that claim. But poor rankings from the Cincinnati Bengals (No. 23) and Cleveland Browns (No. 28) placed the AFC North in the middle of the pack.

The three divisions that ranked higher were the NFC East, AFC East and AFC South. If the Ravens and Steelers stay among the elite this season, and the Bengals and Browns show considerable improvement, it's possible that the AFC North could move up in the division rankings later this year.