Take your pick recap: Bengals or Browns?

In our second installment this week of "Take your pick," we asked our community about the "Battle of Ohio" between the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns.

Cincinnati (2-1) has won two straight games but mostly with defense. Cleveland (0-3) has been competitive in every game, but the Browns are looking for their first victory of the season.

Here are responses from our division inbox and AFC North Twitter:

Bengals win!

TravisLepera via Twitter writes: The Bengals O is too furious not to unleash this week. Starts out close but Bengals finally click, 28-7.

Jonathan from Eastlake, Ohio, writes: I want to say the Browns are going to pull off the upset but they continue to find ways to lose close games. I expect the Bengals receivers to have a field day against the Browns' weak secondary. Only bright spot is Peyton Hillis for the Browns. I hope he has a good day, and I picked him up off waivers for my fantasy team.

Greg from Florham Park, N.J., writes: I can say wholeheartedly that our beloved Browns are always good for one thing: being the cure to whatever ails the other team. My heart says we win, my head says Carson Palmer finds that old form and lights us up.

Nadfflictar via Twitter writes: Carson will have all day to throw and actually connects in the red zone - Bengals 27, Browns 13.

Skirby88 via Twitter writes: I'm impressed what the Browns did with the Ravens' D. But the Battle of Ohio goes to the southern team.

Browns win!

David Sarge from Cumming, Ga., writes: As I much as I love the Bengals, this will be the week the Browns get their first (and only?) win. I don't think No. 9's elbow is the problem. It is his O-line. He stares down the receiver and/or route he has the most confidence in to make the play. He does not have enough time to set and throw because his line stinks! To make matters worse, Cincy has too many plays dependent on specific personnel, and this gives the defense the hints it needs to adjust accordingly. Browns win, 19-17. Who-Dey anyway!

Rick Smith from Stagecoach, Nevada, writes: The Browns can win this game. But only if they bring their "A" game and the coaches don't blow it with the same bad decisions that they have made in the last two games.

Phenom189 via Twitter writes: Browns are able to run it and control the clock. Eric Wright rebounds--no INT but plays better. Browns run into first win.

Joel McBurney from Austintown, Ohio, writes: Let the Browns be spoilers this year. Help out the Pittsburgh Steelers and end the Bengals' streak of AFC North wins. They have been competitive in their losses, and I can see them winning this kind of game.

KyleinClyde via Twitter writes: Okay, now this is the game the Brownies get a "W". They have an even better chance if Seneca Wallace starts over Jake Delhomme.

Coming off a perfect Week 3, the AFC North blog will make its Week 4 picks next.