Most underrated/overrated: AFC North

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

Based on the responses in our AFC North inbox, readers are very interested in who made the Football Outsiders' list of underrated and overrated players of this decade.

Because this is only available to subscribers of ESPN Insider, I'm only allowed to reveal players from the AFC North division. There were three underrated players and three overrated players chosen by the Football Outsiders.

Here is the list:


1.Derrick Mason, WR, Baltimore Ravens

4. Aaron Smith, DE, Pittsburgh Steelers

16. Kelly Gregg, NT, Baltimore Ravens

Analysis: These were all great selections, with Smith and Mason deserving of being in the top five. These two are in a rare category in the NFL of being very good, consistent players who still won't get to many Pro Bowls. On top of that, they've played for winning programs all of their careers, which earns points in my book. Gregg also has been an underrated player for a long time, but after missing all of last year with a knee injury, he needs to return to form to regain that label.


4. Jamal Lewis, RB, Cleveland Browns

17. Willis McGahee, RB, Baltimore Ravens

22. Roy Williams, S, Cincinnati Bengals

Analysis: Lewis is the only player I question on this list. I always felt he was more on the underrated side, and if he was overrated, he certainly shouldn't be this high on the list. No complaints with the selections of McGahee and Williams, who are both solid players but probably gained more accolades than they deserved. Williams has always been a one-dimensional safety with limited coverage skills, and McGahee's career average is just 3.9 yards per carry.