Morning take: Randy Moss edition

Here are the most interesting stories Thursday in the AFC North:

  • Cincinnati Bengals receiver Terrell Owens says the Randy Moss trade is further proof NFL teams view players as "expendable."

Morning take: Owens has a point. Although there were several reported factors going on behind the scenes with Moss, very few players are beyond being traded or released at some point in their careers. It’s a tough business.

Morning take: Bill Belichick sending a future Hall of Famer to help Eric Mangini? I don't see it.

  • Continuing our Moss theme, the Steelers are happy to see him leave the AFC.

Morning take: The Patriots were a huge thorn in the side of Pittsburgh as both teams competed for Super Bowls this past decade. With Moss gone, New England likely dropped out of the title race for this season.

  • In a non-Moss related item, Baltimore Ravens Pro Bowl tailback Ray Rice is ready to resume a leading role after his recent knee injury.

Morning take: I talked to Rice after the win over Pittsburgh and he said he will be fine. Fantasy owners don't give up on Rice yet.