Manning vs. Roethlisberger

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

Manning Roethlisberger
When it comes to quarterbacks, NFC East blogger Matt Mosley and I rarely see eye to eye.

For reasons I cannot explain, Mosley often puts Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and Eli Manning of the New York Giants at the top of the heap as elite NFL quarterbacks. Last week he stated the younger Manning deserves a $120 million contract with an unprecedented $50 million in guarantees.

I found Mosley's satire hysterical.

Yet when often I mention how I would take the Steelers' Ben Roethlisberger over his two favorite NFC East quarterbacks, Mosley snickers.

Recently we had a spirited debate involving Romo vs. Roethlisberger. Perhaps still smarting from that defeat, Mosley took another jab at Roethlisberger last week that incited many AFC North readers.

Being the fighting champion that I am, I offered Mosley a rematch to bring his second division quarterback to this debate. After ignoring my calls for a few days, he nervously accepted.

So check out the NFC East and AFC North blogs Friday as Mosley defends Manning, while I explain why Roethlisberger is really the top quarterback to come out of the 2004 NFL draft. (Take a backseat, Philip Rivers. Rings only.)

In the meantime, feel free to visit the NFC East blog and let Mosley know he doesn't stand a chance Friday against your AFC North blogger.