Colt McCoy could hit contract escalator

Cleveland Browns (1-4) rookie quarterback Colt McCoy says he's excited to play the Pittsburgh Steelers (3-1) in his NFL debut. But there are hundreds of thousands of additional reasons McCoy should be looking forward to early playing time.

McCoyMcCoyAccording to McCoy's contract, if he plays 35 percent of the snaps as a rookie, his fourth-year base salary more than doubles from approximately $500,000 to $1.15 million. That's about a $650,000 raise on the back end of McCoy's deal, which is worth a max of $5 million.

How attainable is McCoy's contract escalator? Let's break it down.

A 35-percent share of a 16-game season is 5.6 games. With the way injuries are for Browns veteran quarterbacks Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace -- who both have severe ankle sprains -- McCoy could start the next 2-3 games. With future injuries and/or solid play, it's not inconceivable for McCoy to approach the 5-6 game range in 2010.

It is definitely not in Cleveland's plans for McCoy to play that much this year. But has anything so far gone according to plan for the Browns?