Will Ravens get 'last laugh' on Patriots?

Part of me wonders why the Baltimore Ravens are still talking about Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. It's Thursday, and Baltimore is just days away from its upcoming game against the Buffalo Bills.

SuggsSuggsBut I have to admit that I'm enjoying this constant back-and-forth between these two budding rivals. Ravens linebacker/defensive end Terrell Suggs had more to say this week about Brady and one of his least favorite teams.

"He can have the last word, but I'll have the last laugh," Suggs said, according to the Baltimore Sun. "I promise you."

The Ravens left Gillette Stadium Sunday feeling confident that they could beat the Patriots if a rematch occurred in the postseason. Baltimore blew a 10-point lead in the fourth quarter as Brady got hot late in the game.

Brady said this week that Baltimore talks too much for a team that's only beaten the Patriots once in nine years, prompting the Ravens to respond. Both teams are very good, and we have a feeling neither would mind seeing each other again this winter with both seasons on the line.