Five questions with ... Brett Ratliff

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

BEREA, Ohio -- Of the many former New York Jets who have joined the Cleveland Browns this season, one player in particular caused a lot of speculation of where he fits.

The acquisition of former Jets backup quarterback Brett Ratliff raised some eyebrows when he was recently reunited in Cleveland with new Browns coach Eric Mangini.

On a team with two quarterbacks with starting experience, many wondered why Mangini would seek more throwers? Could Ratliff be groomed to eventually compete for the No. 1 or No. 2 job? Does Ratliff's rapport with Mangini help his status?

There is certainly some mystery surrounding Ratliff, and this week the AFC North blog and Cleveland media caught up with him to get his thoughts on several topics.

1. What is your role here in Cleveland?

Brett Ratliff: Whatever they want me to do, I'm going to do. If they want me, like my rookie year, to be on the practice squad and play receiver, I'll do that. It doesn't matter what they want me to do. I'll accept any role. I just want to be on the team and help out any way that I can.

2. Before the Jets drafted rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez in April, did you expect to compete for the starting job in New York?

Ratliff: They had told me that I was competing. But that's all history. I can't focus on that. All I can focus on is what's happening right now. I'm trying to find my way into a spot right here, whatever spot that is.

3. How much playing time do you expect Saturday night in the preseason opener against the Green Bay Packers?

Ratliff: I have no idea. I know there is a competition between Brady [Quinn] and Derek [Anderson]. Any time that I get, I hope that I can do well and have fun with it.

4. Did your attitude of competing for a starting job change when you arrived to Cleveland?

Ratliff: Never. There's always a competition. No matter what the position is, you're always competing for something. So you can't change your mindset. It doesn't matter what spot you're competing for. Your goal is always to try and be a starter, and that's what I'm going to compete for.

5. Does knowing Mangini give you any kind of edge over Quinn and Anderson?

Ratliff: It doesn't give me any edge. I know he knows who I am. I've worked my way up from the bottom, and I know that he likes that because he did that himself. But I'm just trying to keep working and keep trying my hardest to help the team out any way that I can.