Five words or less recap: Mike Tomlin

We brought back the always popular "Five words or less" blog this week with Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin. The Steelers manhandled the Oakland Raiders Sunday but set a franchise record for penalty yards.

So what is Tomlin saying in this photo?

Here are the best responses from our division inbox and AFC North Twitter page:

  • "Richard Seymour wasn't suspended?!?!"

  • "NFL...National Flag League."

  • "Fine us, we hit harder."

  • "Olympic ceremonies have less flags!"

  • "Haven't you met the quota?"

  • "Shoulder pads equal helmets now?"

  • "James Harrison doesn't control gravity!"

  • "Harrison's coming after YOU next!"

  • "I'm telling Mr. Rooney!"

  • "I know a good optometrist!"

  • "Six turnovers and no win?"

  • "You must think we're Baltimore!"

  • "Classic Reed pick and pitch."

  • "Bengals are on the clock."

  • "Steve Johnson: 'Why so serious?'"