Remember the offseason?

We make holiday wishes come true in the AFC North blog.

Mike from Chicago writes: James, all I want for Thanksgiving is another column of homer quotes before the season started. I am going to Cincinnati to visit family and would love to share it with them. Have a great holiday!

Here is one final batch for the road:

GFlash35 writes: This division will be a two-dog race between Cincy and Baltimore. As of now the crown belongs to the Bengals and that will still be the case 5 1/2 months from now when we beat Baltimore in what will be the AFCN championship on January 2. No doubt in my mind that both teams go to the playoffs--Cincy as division champs and Baltimore as the wild card. Get ready for year No. 2 of Pittsburgh being on the outside looking in.

Bell513money writes: Cincinnati is a completely different team. Marvin Lewis is in a must-win situation. We have a good core of vets that can play, mixed in with great young talent with NO egos. They're just hungry to win. This is the year!!!

PFC_pistol writes: The Bengals had a great draft, few solid offseason pickups and are returning some key players on defense that missed most of last season (Roy Williams, Antwan Odom). I'd be shocked if this team didn't repeat as the AFC North champs.

Murph3335 writes: All you people who says that Carson Palmer sucks, you can just shut up. Carson is a beast. In the past he just hasn't had an AMAZING team around him, this year he will. SUPER BOWL BABY. BTW with Chad Ochocinco and T.O. they will be unstoppable in the passing game, also with the addition of Antonio Bryant they will be better with an extra WR. Back off with the Carson hating, and just tell me that after they win the Super Bowl.

Who Dey Warrior writes: The disrespect for Carson Palmer's talents on here is just insane! I do not even bother arguing anymore because people are just so dumb. They will not even listen to reason. Last year was a comeback year for Palmer. Even after he lost the use of his non-throwing hand he still produced and led the team to the playoffs. Just foolish talk, and Bengals fans need to learn to ignore this crap more often.

Kenneth378 writes: You don't have the No. 4 defense in the league by a FLUKE AND by the way they return every starter on defense and will have a healthy Antwan Odom, Roy Williams and Rey Mauluaga, while adding the best TE in the draft and quite possibly TWO very good WR if T.O. comes on board. The road to the AFC North runs through Cincinnati.

Bigpapasmurph writes: Given that Baltimore is already talking about putting Ed Reed on the PUP and their draft picks are falling on their heads, I do not think it is unreasonable to have the Bengals take the division again.

Huc69760 writes: The Bengals defense was waaay better than this great Ravens defense every one talks about!

More from Huc9760: And anyone that thinks Anquan Boldin is gonna save the day is crazy! He's very good, but he's another Hines Ward. When he sees Johnathan Joseph and Leon Hall, he's gonna have trouble!

Sportsfan2305 writes: Ravens 12-4, Bengals 11-5, Steelers 10-6, Browns 5-11.

Enjoy Thanksgiving with the family, Mike.