James Harrison's fines adding up

It doesn't matter how rich an athlete is, $125,000 is a lot of money to pay in fines.

That's the tally (for now) with Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison. He was docked another $25,000 this week for a hit on Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. NFL deemed the helmet contact to the chest was the reason for the fine.

Looking at the play, I'm not sure what Harrison could have done better short of not hitting the quarterback in the first place. Perhaps he could have moved his head to the side and led with his shoulder, but the play is happening so fast it's hard to adjust.

Unlike fines given to Andre Johnson and Richard Seymour, all of Harrison's infractions this season have occurred in between the whistles. Harrison is one of the NFL's most ferocious hitters, and unless he becomes less ferocious, which is hard to do, the fines may continue to add up.