Morning take: Time to bench Delhomme?

Here are the most interesting stories Monday in the AFC North:

Morning take: I have no idea. Despite multiple chances, Delhomme hasn't played well and couldn't beat a bad Buffalo (3-10) team this weekend. Seneca Wallace and Colt McCoy have both played better.

Morning take: Polamalu is a special player with unique skills and a knack for the big moment. He's clearly Pittsburgh's MVP, but should he be considered for NFL MVP?

  • Cincinnati Enquirer columnist Paul Daugherty believes it's groundhog day once again for the Bengals.

Morning take: Daugherty is right. After 10 consecutive losses these Bengals games start to look alike. Even with an early lead, it was just a matter of time before Cincinnati blew the game.

Morning take: Cundiff has been solid with field goals and terrific with kickoffs. The Ravens will need his leg again tonight against the Houston Texans.