Morning take: Ravens' playoff scenarios

Here are the most interesting stories Tuesday in the AFC North:

Morning take: I don't care how inconsistent the Colts have been this year, this is a tough matchup for Baltimore as long as Peyton Manning is under center. The Ravens would be better off facing another team.

Morning take: Fan confidence is way down, as evident by Cincinnati's four straight blackouts to end the season. The Bengals need to rebuild the right way to get fans back in Paul Brown Stadium.

  • With head coach Eric Mangini on the hot seat, Cleveland Browns president Mike Holmgren is keeping a low profile.

Morning take: Holmgren hasn't talked to the media in nearly two months. With the Browns on a three-game losing streak, silence isn't a good sign.

Morning take: Suisham is 12-for-13 on field goals and surpassed all expectations after replacing Jeff Reed. He's one of the more underrated acquisitions in the AFC North.