Morning take: Repeat of '08 Bengals?

Here are the most interesting stories Friday in the AFC North:

  • Is the Cincinnati Bengals' strong finish a repeat of 2008, where they finished the season with three straight wins?

Morning take: Cincinnati would have to win Sunday to win three straight. But late momentum in 2008 did lead to a playoff run the following year.

Morning take: Fellow 2008 draft mate Matt Ryan is stealing the national spotlight, but Flacco has had similar growth. Outside of one bad game against Cincinnati, Flacco has been very good this year.

  • Cleveland Browns backup quarterback Seneca Wallace believes president Mike Holmgren still has the itch to coach.

Morning take: Wallace is right. Holmgren has admitted this several times. We will know his plan for Cleveland within the next week or two.

  • After appealing, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison had his fine reduced from $75,000 to $50,000 for his hit on Browns receiver Mohamed Massaquoi.

Morning take: Harrison had the stiffest penalty of all big hits this year because of timing and the NFL's trying to make a statement. You can still debate $50,000 is too much, but at least Harrison got some money back.