Ravens-Steelers III: Suggs' infamous T-shirt

I'm sure many of you have seen it by now. Via a T-shirt, Baltimore Ravens Pro Bowl linebacker/defensive end Terrell Suggs had an . ... ahem. ... interesting message for the Pittsburgh Steelers this week.

The infamous shirt says "Hey Pittsburgh" and displays a Raven making a not-so-nice gesture to the Steelers and their fans. We will not display such images, because we're a family-friendly blog and the creators of Aladdin and Mickey Mouse sign our paychecks.

But there are other means to check out Suggs' T-shirt and we want to know what Steelers and Ravens fans think about it. Is Suggs unnecessarily firing up the Steelers more than he needs to? Or is this just Suggs' way staying loose and maintaining an edge for the big game?

Share your comments below or send them to our AFC North inbox. I know this rivalry can get dirty at times, but keep it clean.