Ravens-Steelers III: Fans sound off

Baltimore Ravens Pro Bowl linebacker/defensive end Terrell Suggs created a buzz this week by wearing a controversial T-shirt, which showed a Raven making a not-so-nice gesture to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Was it over the line or just Suggs having a little fun?

Here is some reaction from Ravens and Steelers fans in our AFC North inbox:

Dan from Hanover, Pa., writes: Suggs' T-shirt choice is unfortunate. It is unsportsmanlike and is a horrible example to his younger fans. To his credit, he's been pretty civil with his words this week, but the shirt was definitely over the line.

Dan from Lynchburg, Va., writes: I love the Suggs T-shirt. Where do I buy one? That's is how all us fans feel about the other team and city. That's what makes this such a great rivalry. Suggs has continued to talk about winning a championship for the fans, this shirt is for the fans.

Joe from San Antonio, Texas, writes: I think it's a classless display. Terrell Suggs has won nothing worth mentioning as a Raven, and wasn't it just last year he struggled with sacks? Plus, it's not just adult males that follow the Ravens, it's kids, some of whom probably look to players like Suggs as a role model. He needs to go back to Communication 101. There are other ways of, ahem, expressing yourself.

Ryan Morrison from Baltimore, Md., writes: I think that the shirt is just him having some fun. People in Baltimore have been looking at these shirts for a couple years now and it's not surprising to us. But i guess the rest of the world sees it different.

Mutt from Warrenton, Va., writes: There is no need for trash talk in this rivalry. Both teams are tough and not intimidated by the other. I am left to assume that Suggs is either nervous or just a loudmouth.

David from Salt Lake City, Utah, writes: "Hey Terrell," I couldn't help but notice there is no ring on that finger!

Ethan from Reisterstown, Md., writes: I don't think Suggs' new shirt is meant maliciously. It's just the general attitude the fans have for each other - not in real life, just in jest. I mean, really, any fan of the Ravens pretty much hates the Steelers, and I'm sure in Pittsburgh the reverse is true.

Darrell Thompson from Fort Worth, Texas, writes: I think this is a way of Suggs staying loose. These two teams have a lot more class than what's going on in the AFC East.

Peter from St. Andrews, Scotland, writes: He can say what he wants. He hates the Steelers, I hate the Pigeons. That doesn't mean I don't respect them for being as good a team as they are, and I'm sure he feels likewise about the Steelers. After the way Ben Roethlisberger shrugged him off in the game-winning drive in December, he has no choice but to respect! And no disrespect to Suggs for that play, he was a beast in that game!

Joe Brewer III from Columbia, S.C., writes: Sure, Terrell Suggs may dress louder, but who hits harder? We'll see who gets the W.

New England Patriots Homer of the Week

You knew fans from the AFC East wouldn't mind their business this week.

Anonymous Patriots fan writes: All the trash-talking for what? I thought you do that after you win? Don't worry, Ravens and Steelers. Do all the trash-talking you want. Both of you will be watching the Patriots win another ring.