AFC North mailbag: Ohio football

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

Let's see what's on the minds of fans of the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns.

Micah Di Sabato from Massillon, Ohio, wonders if Eric Mangini is giving both Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson equal reps this summer to increase their trade value.

James Walker: Mangini is providing equal reps to find out who his quarterback is first and foremost, Micah. I've seen a lot of quarterback competitions in Cleveland -- where it seems to be an annual occurrence -- and this has been the most fair and meticulous one by far. Mangini is literally keeping track of every rep and making it as equal as possible in practices and preseason games. A trade is not something they're pursuing right now, although things are always subject to change in the NFL.

Mike from State College, Pa., wants an update on Browns rookie free-agent receiver Jordan Norwood.

James Walker: Based on your location, I see why you have a keen interest in a Penn State alum. Unfortunately, Mike, it appears Norwood is a long shot to make the Browns. He is very undersized for the NFL level as a receiver. Norwood may have a little value as a returner, but it wouldn't matter in Cleveland because Joshua Cribbs has those duties and is one of the top returners in the league.

E.J. from Blakely, Pa., is seeking clarity for the injury situation of Pro Bowl defensive tackle Shaun Rogers.

James Walker: To my knowledge Rogers is fine and he will be ready to play when it matters, E.J. That's all I can say at this point, because I don't know the complete situation, just bits and pieces. Mangini doesn't discuss injuries so there is nothing official to report.

Justin from St. Louis, Mo., wants to know if quarterback Carson Palmer's lengthy ankle rehab has anything to do with concerns about his elbow.

James Walker: The ankle ailment is legit, Justin. I reported on the blog last week that the team has already discussed sitting Palmer for Thursday's preseason finale against the Indianapolis Colts because the ankle still isn't 100 percent. A firm decision will be made in a couple of days. As a byproduct, the elbow does get extra rest, but there have been no signs of trouble all offseason. Palmer has done some light throwing on the side to stay sharp.

David from Fontainebleau, France, wants to know who makes the 53-man roster between Brian Leonard and DeDe Dorsey.

James Walker: This will be one of those very tough calls the Bengals have to make this summer, and I don't believe the team has made up its mind just yet. If the Bengals haven't made a decision, it's hard to me to provide an answer. If you're asking for my opinion, I would find a way to keep four tailbacks in Cincinnati and one fullback, considering Leonard is versatile enough to also be the backup fullback.