Morning take: Championship Sunday

Here are the most interesting stories on championship Sunday in the AFC North:

Morning take: With projected single-digit temperatures, this is what playoff football is about. Frigid weather could make for a defensive battle.

Morning take: Cundiff is a nice story. He entered training camp uncertain if he would make the team. Then he had a great year and now has long-term security.

  • Is new Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurmur the right person for rookie quarterback Colt McCoy?

Morning take: Shurmur got the job on the strength of his résumé working with quarterbacks like Sam Bradford and Donovan McNabb. It's vital for Cleveland that he has similar success with McCoy.

Morning take: We saw this a couple of months ago in the blog, as Bengals fans began disappearing and/or giving up on their team. I think the blackouts and lower television ratings this season also speaks volumes.