Ochocinco weighs in on Carson Palmer

ESPN's Chris Mortensen sent "Bengaldom" into a tizzy this weekend with Sunday's report that franchise quarterback Carson Palmer wants to be traded from Cincinnati. The last player to do this publicly was Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco, who spent the entire 2008 offseason wanting out.

So it was only natural that Ochocinco weighed in on his quarterback. Here are his thoughts via Twitter:

  • "Carson Palmer demands a trade? Last person demanded a trade in Cincy was crucified by the media n had to win the fans back, how will this go?"

  • Ochocinco also tweeted ESPN's Skip Bayless, "Skip my quarterback wants a trade and I'm still under the bus my head coach threw me under? What shall thou do?"

Ochocinco is correct in that he was drilled in the media for wanting out. How will Palmer be perceived? That remains to be seen.

But the point is Palmer clearly wants out and the Bengals have yet another major headache to deal with in the offseason. Stay tuned to see how this one will pan out.