Will Steelers suffer runner-up curse?

History has proven the emotion of losing a Super Bowl is one of the toughest things to overcome in the NFL. It takes so much work, dedication and things to go your way just to get to the big game. So to fall short is difficult to overcome for most franchises.

Now that Super Bowl XLV is in the books, it's time to ask a key question: Will the Pittsburgh Steelers fall victim to the runner-up curse in 2011?

Over the past decade, seven of the last 10 teams to lose in Super Bowls have failed even to make the playoffs the following year. Of the three teams that made the postseason, no team returned to the title game.

Pittsburgh, one of the NFL's most consistent franchises, believes it has the talent and veteran leadership to compete for another championship next season. But the Steelers will have to overcome a lot of negative history.

Here is a look at previous Super Bowl runner-ups: