How would you rank NFL linebackers?

ESPN.com's positional Power Rankings will continue next week with one of the toughest categories to date.

The question: Who are the NFL's best linebackers?

Linebackers are the strength of the AFC North, especially with the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers. Baltimore's Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs, a hybrid, will certainly be in consideration. James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley should also get votes from our panel.

But ranking outside and inside linebackers simultaneously is very tricky. The responsibilities are vastly different. Therefore, do you give more credence to the inside linebacker with 120-plus tackles (Patrick Willis), or the outside linebacker with 15-plus sacks (DeMarcus Ware)? Both players did their jobs extremely well.

Feel free to provide your list of top linebackers below. Find out who makes the final cut when ESPN.com unveils its Power Rankings on Tuesday.