Morning take: Aaron Williams to Ravens?

Here are the most interesting stories Saturday in the AFC North:

Morning take: Williams is mostly linked with the Steelers, who are more desperate for a corner. I anticipate the Ravens filling a different need in the first round, such as a pass-rusher, right tackle or wide receiver.

Morning take: Both quarterbacks could be targets if Cincinnati decides to search for a quarterback in the second round. Each player has their flaws, but accuracy could be something to set Dalton apart in the Bengals' eyes, especially in a West Coast offense.

Morning take: This is another sign that Roethlisberger is doing and saying all the right things since his off-filed issues the past couple of years. For more on Roethlisberger's transformation, check out our story from this week.

Morning take: This is no secret coming off back-to-back 5-11 seasons. President Mike Holmgren knew the task ahead when he took the job one year ago, and the Browns continue to try to make up the deficit in talent compared to Baltimore and Pittsburgh.