Patrick Peterson, Julio Jones or A.J. Green?

Last week we ran a series on potential AFC North prospects through the eyes of ESPN.com's college football writers who covered these players on a daily basis.

But here is an interesting nugget that we didn't get to: We asked SEC blogger Chris Low who was the best player in his conference between LSU corner Patrick Peterson, Georgia receiver A.J. Green and Alabama receiver Julio Jones?

"Peterson would be my first pick. He can return kicks, he can return punts, he can play safety, nickel and corner. He's 220 or 219 pounds, and he's faster than Julio and faster than A.J. And Peterson can tackle. He's a great tackler in open space. Two years ago in Baton Rouge I saw him make two or three plays where it was just Peterson and Tim Tebow one-on-one on the perimeter, and [Peterson] made the plays that no one ever makes. Usually Tebow just bulled over and ran through people, but Peterson took him down by himself every time. He's a physical, physical guy, and I bet Peterson benches about 400 pounds. He's the best player in the league."

All three players are potential top-10 picks and could be available for the Cincinnati Bengals (No. 4) and Cleveland Browns (No. 6). Will either Ohio team draft one of these SEC stars next week?