Morning take: Time to work?

Here are the most interesting stories Tuesday in the AFC North:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark is encouraging teammates to show up for work now that the lockout has been lifted.

Morning take: The lift is expected to be temporary. But players could get quality work at the facilities for the time being. The results from players could be mixed.

  • Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller says he would feel right at home with the Cleveland Browns.

Morning take: Don't expect Miller to be taken at No. 6. Miller could help the Browns' pass rush, but they have bigger needs on offense (receiver) and defense (defensive line).

Morning take: This is a growing trend among quarterbacks during the lockout. Flacco joins Colt McCoy of the Browns and Jordan Palmer of the Cincinnati Bengals to do the same within the division.

Morning take: Teams should have a plan but also remain flexible and ready to adjust. The Bengals could have several intriguing options at No. 4 that also may include trade opportunities.