Patriots and Browns talking trade?

Business is picking up during draft week as calls are being made all across the NFL.

One report of interest from the Boston Globe Thursday states the Cleveland Browns have had discussions with the New England Patriots about Cleveland's sixth overall pick. The Browns have made it no secret they are open to trading down in the draft to acquire more picks, and New England has more quality selections than any team, including two in the first round.

According to the draft value chart many teams use, Cleveland's No. 6 pick (1,600 points) would require New England's No. 17 and No. 28 picks (total of 1,610 points) to get equal value. If the Patriots are willing to part with both first-rounders this year, the Browns should definitely consider it. There's also a combination of picks in the later rounds New England could put together, along with one first-round pick, to equal the same value.

Cleveland has a lot of holes to fill, including defensive end, defensive tackle, wide receiver, right offensive tackle and safety. So a trade down could help plug some of these holes.