Johnathan Joseph's value rises in Cincy

Lost in the recent arrest for disorderly conduct of Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam Jones is what this potentially means for pending free agent Johnathan Joseph.



With Jones adding to his lengthy list of run-ins with the law over the weekend, this could up the ante for the Bengals to re-sign Joseph, who has been their starting cornerback the past five seasons.

Cincinnati signed Jones to a two-year deal last season for insurance in case Joseph bolts in free agency. The Bengals were counting on Jones to stay out of trouble, which is something he has failed to do his entire career.

But Jones contests that he did nothing wrong. At the very least, he's put himself in a bad spot, as the NFL will pay close attention to the details of this case once a new collective bargaining agreement is reached.

The Bengals could possibly lose two starting-caliber corners this summer if they don't pay Joseph and Jones is suspended. As an unrestricted free agent, Joseph will get market value either way. And after Jones' latest off-the-field incident, it would be smart for the Bengals to make a strong push for one of their better in-house players.